A great sound system will only get you as far as the engineers' ability to mix” - source unknown


a creative enhancement experience

the unpolished gem of echo park

Portia Street Studios’ 5-room enclave provides an eccentric union of the analog and digital universe through diverse projects, clients and aspects of the global music industry.

Uniquely Curated Recording Experience 

Record on our Sound Workshop Series 34, 32 Channel analog mixing console used by Maddona during "Like a Virgin" sessions, Alice Cooper for "Poison" and Night Ranger's body of work, recapped by Iron Age Audio, and with transformer output mods by legendary John Musgrave 


Stereo and Immersive formats Dolby Atmos and Sony 360RA 

Tape Transfers 

 2” 24 track-Otari MTR90 mkII with auto-locator+sync 

1/4” 2 track-Otari MX5050 mkII 

Live Venue Recording 

Next door, sister business, Little Joy Cocktails provides live tracking and video in Echo Park’s historic punk rock dive bar

Some Press...

Nuemann supports immersive mixing

Nuemann supports immersive mixing

Executive Engineer Dylan Ely

Executive Engineer Dylan Ely

Dylan Ely mixing Dolby Atmos / Sony 360RA

Dylan Ely mixing Dolby Atmos / Sony 360RA

"portia street stomp" - collaboration with Iron age audioworks